Apex Committee’s Decision on Forced Deportation of Undocumented Afghan Refugees: A Moral and Legal Imperative

The recent decision by the Pakistani government to forcibly deport undocumented Afghan refugees has sparked significant concerns, as it violates human rights conventions, international law, and challenges constitutional rights. The Ministry of Interior’s “Illegal Foreigners’ Repatriation Plan” has triggered a surge in arrests and detentions, impacting registered and undocumented refugees alike. The article emphasizes the need for Pakistan to revise its policy, urging the implementation of more humane and legal measures to protect the rights and dignity of Afghan refugees. The absence of formal refugee laws exacerbates the situation, necessitating collaboration with international organizations and the development of clear policies. The article, originally published in Policy Watcher, concludes by calling for a compassionate and comprehensive response to address the humanitarian crisis faced by Afghan refugees in Pakistan.

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